Why having 100 followers might be better than having 100 000

Do you find yourself working hard for new followers? I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a lot of followers to be successful on Instagram. Sometimes, you might actually be better of with less. If you are a business and have an Instagram account, you are more likely to get your account in front of new clients if you have a less followers.

There’s one, and only one thing you should focus on when it comes to Instagram, and that is engagement. Having a high engagement is what is going to get you seen on the discover page, and show up among the top posts under various hashtags. As your following grows, your engagement rate actually decreases. This means, that if you have a small following with active users, you will show up higher, and more often, than large accounts.

The first step is to find out how much engagement you have on your account. You can find it using the engagement calculator. If you haven’t use this tool yet, I recommend you to save it as a bookmark on your browser to keep track of how your Instagram engagement rate changes as the number of followers on your account increases.

The next question you probably have is if that is a good amount of engagement? Here below you can find the ideal engagement rate depending on the number of followers you have.

What is a good Instagram engagement rate?

Are you within the parameters of a good engagement rate for your account? A low engagement rate can definitely be a red flag. If you have bought followers in the past you will have a lower engagement rate than recommended. You should then start by cleaning out your account and delete all fake followers.
Another reason for a low engagement rate can be that you don’t produce the content your followers want to see. Go back through your posts and see which ones performed well, and then produce more of those. This is one, of many steps that will help you boost a strong Instagram prescene. If you want assistance with the other steps, I recommend to look into the Wall Digital Group Social Media Audit package.